Mother Wound Healing by Liana Shanti

Mother Wound Healing

Mother Wound Healing


Join Liana for this powerful 6 Week Class and gain the tools you need to finally heal this wound. 



what exactly is the mother wound?

Mother Wounds are traumas that are passed down from generation to generation and have a profound impact on our lives. Mother Wounds can show up in many ways in your life including addictions, eating disorders, fear of success, self-sabotage, shame, guilt, diminishing yourself and your potential, codependency in relationships, comparing yourself all the time with other women, guilt for not being a "better daughter", guilt for wanting more than you have and not being "content", and so much more.

The Mother Wound is something that affects your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and many more generations of your maternal heritage, and is a result of the oppressive patriarchal cultures that have over-run the planet since 3500 years ago. Our mothers and grandmothers were themselves suffering from their own Mother Wounds, and thus, passed them on to us. There are so many unrealistic, harmful and oppressive expectations that were placed onto the role of "mother" in society, and rather than honor Motherhood for its profound creative force, it was diminished and damaged. As a result, mothers have, for the most part, been unable to love THEMSELVES unconditionally. If they were unable to love themselves unconditionally, it is not possible for them to love their children unconditionally - even among the most loving and kind of mothers. We simply cannot give what we do not have.


You've likely spent the majority of your life "playing it small", and never achieving the true heights you were destined to achieve in all areas of your life: personal, health-wise, creativity, success, abundance, freedom and joy. Mother wound has such a profound effect on your true freedom. It holds you back from what you are most passionate about in life, and as a result, you may have compensated through codependent relationships, lack of strong female friendships, and/or suffered with eating disorders, alcoholism or other addictions. These coping mechanisms are your subconscious way of trying to cover up for the pain of the mother wound. But they don't get to the core. In this 6 week program, we will be going straight to the core wound, so that it can be seen in the light, and healed. 

Healing your mother wound (or any other wound for that matter), is not about "blame". Most daughters and sons carry such heavy guilt around "blaming" their mothers. That's because we have a deep fear of being disconnected from the source of life that was responsible for our very birth. If you happen to be adopted, it is likely that you suffer from two very deep mother wounds. And still for others, the mother's role was completely opposed to your well-being that you suffer from what I call the "mother gap".

what this 6 week workshop covers

  • We will examine the powerful subconscious programming that forms the mother wound and how it has disempowered you and prevented you from reaching your highest potential
  • We will uncover limiting beliefs about sexuality, power, success, money, beauty, freedom, and men were shaped by your mother's own beliefs.
  • We will take a deep look at the cultural stereotypes that reinforce shame surrounding the mother wound, causing you to bury it deep within.
  • We will learn about the societal stories that perpetuates the mother wound through generations and how you can stop the cycle
  • We will examine what needs to be grieved, so that you can fill the mother gap from within your own heart.
  • We will ceremonially release the idea and belief that "one day" your mother will become the mother you've always wished she was
  • We will journey to meet the inner child who has been patiently waiting for an unconditionally loving mother, so that you can learn how to give her the love she deserves in and needs in order to be truly happy and at peace.
  • We will erase unhealthy patterns of seeking validation from others, and projecting your mothering needs onto other women, especially friends, teachers and mentors.
  • We will receive powerful tools to transfer the primary attachment bond from your "actual" mother, to the unconditionally loving Divine Mother, who will ALWAYS be there for you.
  • We will learn the 6 key self-care essentials for life.
  • We will uncover your true "new" authentic beliefs that reflect who you truly are.
  • You will receive a new session every week, followed by contemplation and processing sessions, a total of 11 recorded, guided lessons for you. You can feel free to go at your own pace and re-listen to the sessions at any time now or in the future.
  • And much more!

Your authentic life awaits.


What's included?

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Mother Wound Session One.mp3
(2h 05m 19s)
Mother Wound Two (1).mp3
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Mother Wound Session 2 (2).mp3
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Aloha and Welcome. My name is Liana, and I am a Visionary, Seeress, Plant Medicine Holder, Quantum Energy Teacher, Mentor, Artist and Holistic Wellness Educator. I offer teachings, ceremony, and energy clearing programs in all areas of mind/body and soul healing needed for you to clear away the false self and access your highest self so you can move out of the 3D and ascend out of the suffering paradigm into the 5d. 

At this time on earth there are over 2.5 million lightworkers. Only about 6% will reach their ascension. Simply being here as a lightworker does not guarantee moving out of the 3D karmic wheel of suffering.  Without healing the core wounds and integrating the inner children, the remaining lightworkers will become part of the collective. The core wounds of Mother Wound and Father Wound (including abandonment, betrayal, rejection, persecution and separation) as well as clearing and healing karmic return, deleting karmic timelines, and re-establishing your own sovereignty in the Akashic Records, is a necessary part of the path.