Awakening Ancient Gifts by Liana Shanti

Awakening Ancient Gifts

Humanity has never been more in need of empowered women who will shift the energy on our planet with their gifts.

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Programs and Teachings for Soul/Lifepath Healing

Aloha and Welcome. My name is Liana, and I am a Visionary, Seeress, Plant Medicine Holder, Quantum Energy Teacher, Mentor, Artist and Holistic Wellness Educator. I offer teachings, ceremony, and energy clearing programs in all areas of mind/body and soul healing needed for you to clear away the false self and access your highest self so you can move out of the 3D and ascend out of the suffering paradigm into the 5d. 

At this time on earth there are over 2.5 million lightworkers. Only about 6% will reach their ascension. Simply being here as a lightworker does not guarantee moving out of the 3D karmic wheel of suffering.  Without healing the core wounds and integrating the inner children, the remaining lightworkers will become part of the collective. The core wounds of Mother Wound and Father Wound (including abandonment, betrayal, rejection, persecution and separation) as well as clearing and healing karmic return, deleting karmic timelines, and re-establishing your own sovereignty in the Akashic Records, is a necessary part of the path.